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Hard paywall *and* reminders
by Brian Carroll, 6 years ago
Paywall vs. Bots
by Brian Carroll, 6 years ago
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Release notes
August 14, 2014
August 14, 2014 Release Notes Fixed - The ticket now reflects updated password complexity requirements.  Passwords must have at least 8 characters, one upper-case character, one lower-case character, and one digit. - Trial periods are now better reflected in the … Continued
May 14, 2014
Ooyala An Ooyala integration is now accessible from the Video tab in the paywall dashboard. Documentation can be found here. Downloads For Enterprise customers, Downloads can now be up to 5 GB in size, configurable on a publisher-by-publisher basis. French … Continued
February 24, 2014
February 24, 2014 v5.3.2 New Features Sell Downloads or Provide them to Subscribers Publishers can now upload individual files and present them for sale using the Tinypass API or a simple Sale Page. Advanced Publishers using the Tinypass API can … Continued
December 19th, 2013
Fixes to reporting, no more zip code, and Sandbox password reset

Sell access to your videos

Are you using Amazon to sell your DVDs? Going through iTunes to sell videos? Why not do it through your own site at half the cost? Piano’ integration with video hosting providers Brightcove and Ooyala lets you do just that.

Online video consumption is exploding and Piano can help you cash in. From educational instructions to feature films, use Piano to sell your videos. Pick a price and access period, e.g. $5 for a 24-hour rental or $19.99 for unlimited access, add a trailer, and you are off to the races. You write, direct, shoot, and edit, we’ll handle the sale and customer service.


Video content strategies

We always look at audience and content type to define the best-paid content strategy, and videos are no different. Here are some of the strategies we’ve seen our clients use with great success.

1) Entertainment – short access

When selling video content for entertainment, as opposed to education or instruction, it’s helpful to set an expiration time between 24 hours and one week. This helps in two ways: it allows you get revenue from multiple purchases from the same user, and it creates a sense of urgency and value around your content.

2) Live event –> video on demand

If you’re hosting a live event on your site, you can set up a Piano paywall to sell access to it. Just put up a paywall where you are hosting the live stream and send your fans there. They can buy unlimited access to that URL and will be able to come back and see the show!

But after the streaming event is over, you can still make money by selling the video content on demand. Just leave the paywall up and replace the live stream with an embedded video. Then change your paywall rules to a period of fixed access (1 week), write some fresh copy for the curtain, and you’re all set! This way, people that bought access to the live event will still have access to your video.

If you’d like to make your live streaming customers pay to see the event again, then just drop us a line at and we’ll add another paywall to your account. You can replace the paywall embed code, and everyone visiting the site will need to pay for access.

3) Instructional videos with unlimited access

Unlike entertainment and live streaming content, educational, DIY, and instructional videos may need to be watched over and over to achieve the desired result. For this reason, Piano recommends that you sell instructional videos for a period of unlimited access at a higher price point ($25-$75 per video).

For an example, check out John Lovett’s Watercolor Workshops.

4) Tie in with API for Netflix like subscriptions

Using the Brightcove integration, you can sell individual videos on your site in minutes. But what if you want to allow your users to purchase videos individually, in groups, or have a subscription to everything?

Using the Piano API you can group some or all of your videos into API resources, a method called bundling content. Once an API resource includes some or all of your videos, selling access to that API resource will allow access to whatever videos are tied to it.

For an example, check out Beamafilm.

5) Make your own channel

If you regularly update video content, you can use Piano to create an online channel. You can give your users a one-month trial just to see if they like it, then convert them to recurring subscribers. Keys to success for starting an online channel include updating content daily, communicating and interacting with your most engaged fans, and actively seeking new subscribers.

Welcome to Piano!

We're happy you found us! You may already be using Piano, or just starting to learn about it. Either way, we're excited to see you here. We love valuable content as much as you do - that's why we work day and night to make sure you can support your content business with beautiful and simple software tools.

Who are we?

Piano is a dedicated and professional organization comprised of professionals from journalism, advertising, design, and banking. We came together because we believe that in this digital world there should be more than one bookstore, more than one music store, and more than one video store. We are based in New York, and love to hear from our customers in person or on the phone.

What we offer

Piano is a flexible platform that can help you with things like raising money for charity, selling a web series, or creating a payment solution like the New York Times. Chances are, if you have a website, and you are trying to make money from it, Piano has a solution for you. Want to find the right product for you? Visit our Choosing a Solution page.

In addition to these software products, Piano offers you AND your users outstanding customer support from our New York office. We care about you and our product, if you ever have a suggestion or a problem, just email or give us a call at +1 646-350-1999 and dial 0 for "Human Being."

The first step - signing up

Signing up for a publisher account is FREE and you are not committed to ANYTHING. If you are deciding between software products other than Piano, we encourage you to just type in a few things and sign up for an account so that you can poke around the publisher dashboard. Seriously... just sign up for an account. It's free, and you'll like what you see:

When you sign up for an account, you'll automatically be in trial mode. After you update your business information, then you can submit your application for review. It usually takes us less than 24 hours to approve/deny an application. For more information about our approval process, check out the Registration & Application section.

Getting paid

Thirty days after a transaction takes place, you can withdraw the money. We have this waiting period to protect you (and us) from dealing with refunds, chargebacks, and business disasters. You can get paid by check, direct deposit wire transfer, DWOLLA, or Paypal.

How does Piano make money?

"Wait, is it actually free?" Well obviously it's not free. We take a percentage of each transaction to cover payment processing fees. Please contact for our fees. You may find yourself thinking I could be charged directly by the payment provider if I used Stripe or PayPal..."  But unlike those payment gateways, we let you control access to content, customize site experiences, set business rules, manage user accounts, view analytics, and provide end-user customer service.

Enterprise clients

Piano offers professional services and enterprise pricing to clients that meet a certain threshold. You know who you are, and if you are interested in talking to our enterprise sales team, just call +1646-350-1999 and press 1 for sales. In addition to our software, we also offer consulting services that we like to call Content Monetization Planning.



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